Looking ahead to new challenges for banks

ABA Banking Journal’s annual analyses target important issues across multiple topics.

By Craig Colgan

Banks are confronting new and serious challenges in numerous areas. ABA Banking Journal’s recent annual analyses across important subjects provide insight from experts at American Bankers Association and the banking industry:

Top bank risks for 2024

Compliance risk, interest rates and credit are leading concerns for bankers.

What do bank marketers have in store for 2024?

As banks contemplate budget pressures, limited data analytics resources and other challenges, they will need to rely on confidence and tenacity.

Compounding the costs: The regulatory tsunami and small businesses

In an ABA Viewpoint, ABA’s Dan Brown and Krista Shonk describe how it is vital that regulators coordinate new regulatory initiatives and assess their cumulative impact—not only to ensure the success of the banking industry—but to avoid unintentional harm to the 33.2 million small businesses and their 61.7 million employees that drive Main Street America and the broader U.S. economy.

The 2024 compliance outlook

Change is the only constant and banks’ processes must be fine-tuned to detect all that happens in a rapidly-transforming regulatory environment.

Seven cybersecurity threats for banks in 2024—and some smart precautions

Cybercriminals are professionalizing and a new type of threat is on the rise.

Podcast: The bank policy outlook for 2024

From the Basel III endgame to Regulation II to new Community Reinvestment Act and Section 1071, 2023 has delivered a regulatory onslaught for the industry. How are bankers navigating the waves of overlapping changes? Gary Shook, chair of ABA’s Government Relations Council, offers perspectives on how banks can navigate the policy environment.

Agricultural lenders’ top concerns for 2024

Lenders still expect borrower profitability to remain relatively elevated this year.

Farm banking priorities: A legislative forecast for the coming year

As ag and rural banks enter 2024, a host of legislative issues currently being debated stand ready to affect the course of their clients’ business for the foreseeable future.


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