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Community Banking

In a comment letter submitted on Friday, the American Bankers Association expressed support for strengthening the Community Development Financial Institutions Fund’s Small Dollar Loan Program, which provides grants to eligible recipients—either a CDFI or a partnership between a CDFI and another depository institution—for loan loss reserves and technical assistance, to support small dollar loan programs.

Commercial Lending

As required by state laws passed in New York and Alabama, the Alternative Reference Rates Committee published a statement today selecting and recommending forms of the Secured Overnight Financing Rate—its preferred alternative to Libor—along with associated spread adjustments and conforming changes, to replace references to 1-week and 2-month U.S. dollar Libor in certain contracts affected by the state laws.

Commercial Lending

In a lengthy farewell speech today as his tenure on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors comes to a close, former Vice Chairman for Supervision Randal Quarles outlined several “further refinements to the bank supervisor and regulatory framework” that still need to be made in the near term, including further calibration of leverage capital standards.

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