Brand Slam Award winner: First Horizon video campaign builds brand awareness

Client success stories ‘present a compelling narrative that not only showcases our dedication but also highlights the positive impact we have on our clients’ lives.’

By Craig Colgan

Powerful videos of successful collaborations between bankers and business owners combined with first-rate production make First Horizon Bank’s “Let’s Find a Way” campaign sparkle.

The bank’s winning entry to the 2023 ABA Brand Slam Awards notes the campaign’s target audience includes wealth and private clients, commercial banking, small business banking and retail/consumer. “Due to the recent merger of equals with IberiaBank, First Horizon also wanted to focus their efforts on establishing brand trust to mitigate the ongoing effects of the pandemic for the bank’s clients,” the entry points out. “The campaign shows how First Horizon recognizes and understands the unique financial obstacles its clients face and the desire to help them overcome these challenges to reach their goals.”

The Brand Slam Awards are presented at the annual ABA Bank Marketing Conference. Additional videos from the campaign are here and here. Erin Pryor, First Horizon’s chief marketing officer, answered our questions about the campaign:

Banks have many client success stories to tell. How did you choose the ones you

We thoughtfully considered what the process of selecting the client success stories for our campaign would look like. Our primary goal was to illustrate how First Horizon is truly dedicated to helping our clients achieve their financial goals, and to share inspirational and relatable stories.

We started by seeking a well-rounded selection of client success stories that would resonate with a wide audience and embody our bank’s core values. Diversity was a key consideration, reflecting the range of clients we serve. We also focused on stories with clear, measurable outcomes, such as financial growth, cost savings or risk mitigation, as we believe these are particularly compelling.

In addition, we made sure that these success stories aligned with our bank’s values and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. This allowed us to present a compelling narrative that not only showcases our dedication but also highlights the positive impact we have on our clients’ lives.

Is establishing brand awareness in new markets one of the largest marketing challenges banks face, would you say? How did that objective factor into here?

Certainly, building brand awareness in new markets presents a significant marketing challenge for banks. In the highly competitive financial industry, trust and reputation are paramount for clients when choosing a financial institution. When a bank enters a new market, it often needs to build credibility and recognition among potential customers who may not be familiar with the brand. The “Let’s Find a Way” campaign was strategically designed to address this challenge by leveraging client testimonials and online reviews, which play a crucial role in shaping public perception. Establishing brand awareness in new markets is a long-term endeavor that necessitates careful planning, investment and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Can you also discuss the inviting web pages established as part of this campaign as well?

As part of this campaign, we developed dedicated landing pages to host each client’s success story. These pages were designed with an emphasis on visual appeal and user-friendliness. They provide additional information to small business owners, encouraging them to embark on their own journey toward financial success.

These web pages were thoughtfully curated to address various aspects of running a small business, such as financial planning, marketing strategies, and human resources. Our goal was to make it easier for small business clients to access the information they need to succeed and grow their businesses.

We also understand that small business owners often seek practical solutions and guidance. To cater to their needs, these web pages include links to additional resources, allowing visitors to explore specific topics in more detail and access tools and information to help their businesses thrive.

What are some challenges this project presented?

During the “Let’s Find a Way” campaign, we encountered a few notable challenges. One of the most significant was the need to build brand awareness in markets with an entirely new brand – and with the same people behind them.

We also had to deal with copyright and legal intricacies, which added an extra layer of complexity. Our success in overcoming these challenges was a true team effort of collaboration with our clients, marketing team, and partners, including Porch Light Studios and Mindgruve. The creative talent that was brought to the table reinforced First Horizon’s commitment to being a dependable partner, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. Our primary aim is to build trust in our markets and demonstrate our dedication to fostering personal relationships with our clients.

In essence, these challenges were no cakewalk. But through collaboration and creative ingenuity we turned them into opportunities to deliver support and trust when it mattered most.


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