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Newsbytes Gallup: Public perception of business nears record low

Thirty-six percent of Americans had a positive view of the banking sector in Gallup’s latest annual survey of public attitudes about business, which also showed that public satisfaction with the 25 sectors tracked has hit its lowest level since the Great Recession.

Newsbytes Credit card spending wanes as alternative payment options grow

Consumers have reduced the proportion of purchases they charge to credit cards over the past year as their financial stress increased and other payment options—particularly “buy now, pay later” alternatives—grew in popularity, according to the most recent annual survey on credit card satisfaction by consumer research firm J.D. Power, released today.

Newsbytes Survey: Consumers largely satisfied with banking service providers

Most consumers are satisfied with their banking service providers and do not plan to switch institutions in the near future, with the trend likely to continue as long as most people are focused on short-term financial goals rather than long-term plans, according to a new survey of consumer banking and payments by research firm Morning Consult.

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