Marketing Money Podcast: Journeying Through the Customer Journey

By John Oxford 

The customer journey. Has there ever been a phrase with more emphasis in the bank-marketing world? Bank marketers and vendor partners often spend more time trying to define what their organization’s journey is, how to make it more efficient and how to monetize than is probably necessary.

The issue we see is that banks often try to make it the “what the bank wants the customer to do journey,” versus the reality that customers will choose how they want to bank. We believe high service and high performing banks should be able to and must meet customers where they want to be met, and this will help to grow deeper relationships.

In this week’s Marketing Money Podcast, Josh Mabus of the Mabus Agency and I break down:

  1. What exactly is the customer journey?
  2. Why you must remember it is the customer’s journey, not your bank’s.
  3. How technology has affected the expectations of the customer journey.
  4. What technologies might be over-rated in the customer experience with your bank?
  5. Is there a way to pay for Facebook Ads without a credit card?

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John Oxford, director of marketing at Renasant Bank, and Josh Mabus, president of the Mabus Agency, co-host the Marketing Money Podcast.