Controlling Your Digital Content

Podcast Interview with Kristin Brandt

One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it has a huge range of potential channels, already built right into the bank’s digital infrastructure. The biggest challenge?  Those channels are often scattered across different departments, siloed, and controlled by stakeholders whose primary concern is not marketing.

“The mortgage department is dealing with the mortgage software, and IT is dealing with the website and the databases. And operations has the online banking platform,” said Kristin Brandt, president of bank marketing firm Sundin Associates. And whether they know it or not, these partners are likely filtering the information they share with marketing—information that could make a big difference. What’s a marketer to do?

After speaking on a digital marketing panel at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, Kristin met up with ABA SVP Shelly Loftin to talk about working through the challenges of digital marketing.

Listen in on Kristin and Shelly’s podcast interview to find out why Kristin’s current obsession is local search—and why you might want to start thinking of Google as your new homepage.

If you can’t see the audio player above, click here to listen to Shelly Loftin’s interview with Kristin Brandt.

The interview was recorded at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore.