The Bank Customer of the Future

Bank customer bases evolve slowly—more slowly than technology—so we don’t expect the customers of 2028 to be vastly different than they are today. But some trends today will accelerate. Customers will continue to accelerate their demands for anytime/anywhere banking. They will look to banks as expert advisers who can help them overcome stress and manage financial goals.


“The instant gratification mentality isn’t going anywhere and customers don’t care about all of the regulatory and operational hoops that banks have to go through to complete a process, they just know they want the product or service now.”

Katie Boyd, EVP, FirstCapital Bank of Texas

“All banks need to adjust to the next generation of banking and lending needs. As more customers in the millennial generation purchase homes and cars, open accounts and save for retirement, we have evaluated how we provide those services. As a community bank, we are able to experiment with different strategies and adjust more quickly as we adapt to evolving banking needs.”

Bryan Luke, president and COO, Hawaii National Bank

“Our industry interacts with people on a subject—money—that most people say causes them stress. We believe that gives our industry, and SunTrust in particular, a responsibility to help alleviate stress around money, and help clients become more financially confident. So we talk to people about what causes them financial stress, and provide tools and advice that can help no matter where they are on their financial journey.”

Debbie Crowder, head of branch and premier banking, SunTrust Banks

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