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FinCEN Reissues Geographic Targeting Orders, Expands Coverage

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network today reissued its revised geographic targeting orders temporarily requiring certain U.S. title insurance companies in specificied areas to identify the individuals behind companies used to conduct high-end, all-cash real estate transactions.

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Agencies Issue Statement on Sharing Resources for BSA Compliance

The financial regulatory agencies and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network today issued a joint statement outlining how banks may enter into collaborative arrangements to share resources in order to more effectively manage their Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering obligations.

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FinCEN Grants Relief from CDD Rule for CDs, Auto-Renewals

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network on Friday announced that it would grant relief from beneficial ownership requirements for certificate of deposit rollovers and loans that renew automatically; loans where the renewal, modification or extension does not require underwriting; and safe deposit box renewals.

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