Podcast: Maximizing the value of bank-university partnerships

Bank partnerships with colleges and universities hold promise to help banks tackle human resources challenges: creating a pipeline of rising professionals with banking exposure, and diversifying banks’ talent bases. On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — presented by Intrafi — Tennessee Tech professor Alma Núñez and ABA SVP Jamie Beaulieu discuss how these partnerships work and how to make the most of them. Among other topics, Núñez and Beaulieu explain the shape of these partnerships, explore how to design them to leverage the value of experiential learning and offer best practices and recommendations for banks building these partnerships.

This episode is sponsored by Intrafi.

In this episode:

Alma Núñez
Associate Professor of Finance
Tennessee Tech

Jamie Beaulieu
SVP, CEO and Executive Education Programs

Evan Sparks
ABA Banking Journal