Podcast: Adding Value with Relationship-Based Wealth Planning

“When you think about it, everyone has an unusual relationship to money,” says Nerre Shuriah, who leads wealth planning at First Citizens Bank. A bank-based wealth planner might have roles that resemble a therapist one day and a legal adviser the next, and “you’ve got to be someone who loves to learn.” On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — sponsored by ProfitStars, a division of Jack Henry and Associates — Shuriah discusses:

  • Delivering a relationship-based asset management service in an environment of fee and commission compression.
  • The skills that financial planners require today, including empathy and emotional intelligence.
  • The limits of software tools for consumers to access wealth management expertise.
  • The growing role of estate planning, advanced wealth transfer and income tax planning.
  • How wealth planning and investment management fit into the strategy at First Citizens, a midsize bank based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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This episode is sponsored by ProfitStars, a division of Jack Henry and Associates.

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Nerre Shuriah
SVP, Director of Wealth Planning
First Citizens Bank

Evan Sparks
ABA Banking Journal