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Newsbytes ABA urges caution on proposed sustainability auditing standards

Citing the nascent state of climate reporting and the resulting confusion by stakeholders of internal control requirements, ABA urged the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board “to take a leading role in educating stakeholders as to the many demands of the assurance process, including the related costs and internal controls that will likely be needed” by companies reporting sustainability-related information.

Newsbytes Oklahoma banker: Mandates to influence investment decisions can be harmful

Americans are best served when banks can pursue a free market approach to make lending and investment decisions, and imposing regulations on banks to drive other policy goals—or to regulate other industries—can be harmful to economic growth and to banks’ ability to best serve customers’ needs, Mason Bolay, SVP at First Bank and Trust in Perry, Oklahoma, told members of the House Ways and Means Committee.

Newsbytes House Republicans unveil ESG bills aimed at regulators

Republicans on the House Financial Services Committee unveiled four bills aimed at curbing what they characterized as ESG excesses among regulators, including legislation that would eliminate the position of vice chair of supervision at the Federal Reserve.

ABA Banking Journal Laboratory experiments

High-profile banking laws driven by politics and model policies are roaring out of state legislatures—our “laboratories of democracy.” And are we headed toward being a country of red-state banks and blue-state banks?

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