Survey Research Shows Americans’ Positive View of Banks

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As 1,300 gathered in Washington today to bring banking’s message to Capitol Hill during the ABA Summit, new polling figures from the American Bankers Association and Morning Consult showed that Americans have highly positive views of their banks. According to the survey, 86 percent of Americans rated their banks’ customer service as excellent, very good or good, while 85 percent said the same about their banks’ security and fraud prevention measures and 93 percent agreed about their banks’ online presence or mobile app.

Consistent with prior survey data, Americans trust banks and financial institutions most to protect their personal data—ranking the financial industry above health insurers, online retailers, small businesses, the federal government and social media services, in that order.

In an email summarizing the results, ABA and Morning Consult also shared information about banks’ economic impact on the United States: 2.1 million employees, $10.2 trillion in lending, a 10 percent share of all corporate income taxes paid and $17 billion in fraud prevented each year.