Study: Point-of-Sale Mobile Payments Growth Stalls

Adoption of mobile payments at retail points of sale has stalled and possibly declined, according to a new study from Auriemma Consulting Group released today. Use of top POS mobile payment apps Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay among eligible users fell from 30 percent at this time last year to 25 percent.

While about a third of potential mobile payments users cited security as a concern, the biggest hurdle to further adoption or continued use appeared to be operational problems related to merchants. Anywhere between 33 and 44 percent of active mobile payments users, depending on the app, encountered a problem at the register, such as staff unfamiliarity or problems or delays with the terminal.

The study found that these concerns have dinged Net Promoter Scores for the three mobile payments apps, leaving Apple’s and Android’s apps just above zero on the measure, with only a bare margin recommending them.


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