A Banker’s Story: Fidelity Frenzy

By Tammy O’Shea

When you live and work in the “City that Care Forgot’’ you don’t have to look far to find something fun to do. Our arts, culture, music—and let’s not forget the FOOD—all come to together to laissez les bons temps rouler!

Encouraging our team members to work together and to play together is a big part of my job as corporate brand manager at Fidelity Bank. I believe when team members get to know each other and laugh together it has a positive effect on the culture of the organization and helps to bring synergy, increase productivity, and boost morale. And let’s face it…we spend way too much time with our co-workers not to like them.

I am always searching for ideas on how to differentiate Fidelity Bank and stand out amongst the clutter. Social media had been a great way to showcase some of the things we do as an organization. And it has helped to build our brand internally and externally. Our social media strategy is to educate, humanize our brand, and showcase our commitment to the communities we serve.

I was intrigued after participating in the 2016 ABA Marketing Conference and attending one particular session in which Avidia Bank presented its Avidia Smarties concept:

The Avidia Smarties Smarties’ mission is to share #CommunityLove and #FinancialLiteracy in their own #LiveSmartBankSmart way.

Having brand ambassadors as a part of a bank-wide social team—and the idea of a small business “swarm”—was something that I could take back to my institution and act immediately. And act we did!

Introducing #fidelityfrenzy.

Based on what I learned at the 2016 ABA Marketing Conference, I introduced the #fidelityfrenzy. The purpose of a #fidelityfrenzy is:

  1. To help support small business in the area, especially our small business clients.
  2. To bring together team members to make a difference and to have fun.

Our newly formed social team brainstormed to find the perfect business to launch our frenzy. We selected a new business client: The Wayward Owl Brewery. Then more than 50 Fidelity bankers showed up, all together and unannounced, to spend money at this local small business.

Our first #fidelityfrenzy exceeded my expectations in all areas. I was thrilled to have so many team members so eager to participate (of course the promise of free beer didn’t hurt). But the unexpected reaction and comments by Justin Boswell, the business owner, made for an unforgettable evening. I can truly say I was never more proud to be a community banker.

Take a look at our #fidelityfrenzy on the Fidelity Facebook page.


PS: Hope to see you all in New Orleans for the 2017 ABA Marketing Conference September 24-26. I’ll have a beer waiting for you!


Tammy O’Shea is senior vice president and corporate brand manager at Fidelity Bank in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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