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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Rohit Chopra this week questioned the appropriateness of having an independent nonprofit set home appraisal standards across the country, suggesting regulators may want to take a closer look at the arrangement in the future.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week issued a circular warning that subscription services that automatically re-enroll customers may violate the law if they do not clearly disclose their terms and obtain consumer consent, or if they make it “unreasonably difficult” for consumers to cancel.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau this week proposed creating a public registry of terms and conditions in non-negotiable, nonbank contracts that claim to waive a customer’s ability to take certain actions, such as petitioning for bankruptcy or suing the company


The nation’s three largest consumer reporting agencies have improved how they handle consumer complaints since a 2022 report faulted them for failing to meet their Fair Credit Reporting Act obligations, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau said today in its annual report on credit and consumer complaint reporting.

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