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Newsbytes BIS: Central banks must address CBDC risks

For central bank digital currencies to be a reliable means of payment, central banks should address the risks of interruptions or disruptions and ensure integrity and confidentiality, according to a report by the Bank for International Settlements.

Newsbytes ABA warns against CBDC adoption

A central bank digital currency is unnecessary in the U.S. and would present unacceptable risks and costs to the financial system, ABA said in comments to Congress.

Newsbytes Barr says Fed ‘a long way’ from decision on CBDC

The Federal Reserve is “a long way” from deciding whether to proceed with a central bank digital currency and would only do so with clear support from the executive branch and authorizing legislation from Congress, Fed Vice Chairman for Supervision Michael Barr said

Newsbytes Survey: More central banks exploring CBDCs

A survey of 86 central banks found that most respondents are engaged in work concerning central bank digital currencies, and uncertainty is fading about their likelihood to issue CBDCs in the near future.

Newsbytes BIS calls for ‘unified ledger’ for CBDCs

The Bank for International Settlements released a special chapter of its upcoming Annual Economic Report 2023 that lays out a “blueprint” for a future monetary system underpinned by central bank digital currency.

Newsbytes Bowman sees risks in central bank digital currency

The adoption of the central bank digital currency poses many risks and challenges, including the risk that it would cannibalize rather than complement services provided by the U.S. banking system, Federal Reserve Governor Michelle Bowman said.

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