Podcast: Breaking Down the Tax Reporting Proposal and Its Path in Congress

The fight on Capitol Hill over the Biden administration’s controversial tax proposal is likely to go on for another four to six weeks, and the proposal may continue to be raised after that, according to ABA EVP James Ballentine. On the latest episode the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — sponsored by S&P Global Market Intelligence — Ballentine joins ABA’s Rob Nichols and John Kinsella to dig into the details of the proposal and its legislative outlook.

Ballentine, Nichols and Kinsella dig into the details of the proposal, including privacy concerns and operational challenges banks would face; examine the impact of the proposal on the unbanked rate; outline the current state of play on Capitol Hill and the near-term outlook; and discuss what bankers and their clients can do take action.

This episode is sponsored by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

In this episode:

Rob Nichols
ABA President and CEO

James Ballentine
Congressional Relations
and Political Affairs

John Kinsella
ABA VP, Tax Policy

Evan Sparks
ABA Banking Journal