New Sheltered Harbor Solution Now Available from Jack Henry

As banks work to build cyber resilience and ensure business continuity by joining Sheltered Harbor—an industry-led initiative created to protect customers, financial institutions and public confidence in banks in the event of a cyberattack—core provider Jack Henry announced that it now offers SecurePoint, a Sheltered Harbor solution designed to provide end users with timely access to their account balances and funds should critical systems and traditional backups fail.

SecurePort is available to banks using the SilverLake System core. The solution allows for the secure storing of critical data, and the ability to quickly restore data in the event of a cyberattack. “The ability to quickly recover critical customer services is necessary to protect consumers and overall confidence in the financial system,” said Sheltered Harbor President and CEO Carlos Recalde. “Through Sheltered Harbor, the industry has agreed to prepare for extreme outages that were once seen as improbable but are now becoming more likely. Solutions such as SecurePort are a valuable way to enhance the financial sector’s stability.”