Social Media in Banking: A Series

ABA Bank Marketing presents a five-part series based on its exclusive 2019 report, The State of Social Media in Banking. The series includes:

The 2019 State of Social Media in Banking
To find out how banks are now managing social media—what they wish they could do better and what the future holds—the American Bankers Association surveyed more than 430 banks of all sizes.

Social Media and the Bank’s Strategic Goals
How does spending time and resources on social media advance a bank’s strategic goals? The answers to that question are as varied as the banks themselves.

Banks’ Social Media Wish List
Bankers continue to show a relative lack of confidence when it comes to their bank’s social media prowess. Here we take a look at what banks wish they could do better on social media.

Governance and Control in Social Media
Many initial concerns have subsided as regulators become more social media-aware, banks gain maturity in managing social media programs and automated tools provide an essential layer of governance.

Connecting Social Clicks to Dollars
Not all banks measure the impact of their social media use. But it’s hard to be satisfied with results you don’t know about. Here we take a look at the ways banks are measuring the success of their social media programs.