A New Crisis Communications Toolkit

No two crises are the same. But when a crisis hits—whatever shape it might take—your bank had better be prepared to tell customers exactly what they need to know. You need a strategy. You need basic guidelines. You need to know how to assure your customers that the bank is on top of it, that their deposits are safe, and that they’ll have continued access to their money.

To help you get there, ABA has published a new Crisis Communications Toolkit.

Designed for bank communicators, the toolkit provides information on why and how to create a crisis communications plan. It provides materials for various types of crises, including cyberattacks, security incidents, disasters, employee misconduct, and protests. The toolkit also provides sample language, including:

  • Talking points
  • FAQs
  • Social media posts
  • Press statements

These can be used to help banks tailor communications quickly and effectively as needs arise.

The Toolkit is free and available only to employees of ABA member institutions.


Learn more and download the toolkit.