A Banker’s Story: Finding My Purpose

By Jennifer Sobotta, CFMP

There are many different banks in our country with many different styles, and each serves a purpose within the states and communities that they have branches in. We all serve a purpose. Does that purpose drive us all?

I’ve been in banking for 19 years, and I’m working at my second community bank over that time period. When I joined the Forward Financial Bank family, I saw an energy and innovation in banking that was infectious with the entire staff. Our CEO has instilled the importance of our purpose in all of us, and our communities recognize that purpose makes us different.

As the marketing director, historically I’ve been charged with traditional advertising and the move to digital channels and social media. The new channels are more engagement driven and work best when you have a story to tell. Now I’m the lead storyteller for Forward!

The purpose driven approach that we have taken as an organization makes storytelling easy. It has made our brand stronger, and it has exponentially made marketing more exciting. I have the chance to stand next to my Forward team with pride at high school field goal kicking contests, community parades, fundraising events, volunteer work days, and ribbon cutting for new facilities that we had a big part in bringing to fruition. Who wouldn’t run to work to be part of that?

My purpose, like members of my Forward family, is to be a part of something bigger than myself. I am part of a company that truly believes that a “rising tide raises all boats” and we will only see success if all aspects of our communities do well. That’s a story worth telling.


Jennifer Sobotta, CFMP, is vice president and marketing director at Forward Financial Bank.

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