Credit the Marketing Department

Fidelity Deposit and Discount Bank (Assets: $676M) is hardly the largest bank in the Scranton, Penn. area. But in their recent branding survey, the bank finished second only to the very largest competitor in their marketplace.  What is the key to their marketing success?  President and CEO Daniel J. Santaniello says it’s the integration of the marketing department’s activities with those of the bank’s sales team.

Santaniello credits the efforts of the marketing department to enable the bank to reach its branding success. “We are community focused and offer personalized service,” he says.  “Our focus is relationship banking.”

Like many banks, Fidelity has limited resources and so the goal is to maximize each employee’s time and efforts. Various departments coordinate their efforts to focus on “high priority segments that give us the greatest opportunity to grow” says Santaniello.  In addition to being a focus for the marketing and the sale teams, the front line has sales activities aligned as well, he continues.  The bank’s goal is to have contact with each high-priority customer once each month.  And it strives to provide a positive onboarding experience for new segments to help capture more of their business and retain them for a long time.

Joann Marsili, CFMP, vice president & marketing and sales director, sits on the bank’s senior management team and spoke with Santaniello about “Implementing Anytime Banking” at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference, Denver.

Hear Dan talk about how the marketing department plays such an important role in the success of the bank.

Dan’s remarks were recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Denver.