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Policy ABA’s Camper interviewed on NPR about shorting of bank stocks

Friday’s episode of NPR’s Marketplace program featured an interview with ABA Chief Policy Officer Naomi Camper about ABA’s advocacy with the Securities and Exchange Commission regarding potentially manipulative short selling activity of certain banks’ stocks.

Newsbytes ABA raises concerns about SEC’s agenda ahead of oversight hearing

The Securities and Exchange Commission has departed from its objectives “by rewriting a broad range of rules governing institutional and retail brokerage, advice and investing, often with no prior reaction or input from affected parties or from the general public, threatening the very fabric of the smooth and proper functioning of the financial markets,” ABA said in a statement submitted for the record of a House Financial Services Committee oversight hearing.

Newsbytes SEC proposes amending cybersecurity rules

The Securities and Exchange Commission today released three proposed amendments to existing cybersecurity-related rules, including new customer notification requirements for data breaches.

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