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Newsbytes ABA, trade groups call for extension on Reg II changes

ABA joined four other financial trade associations in a letter to the Federal Reserve last week seeking an extension for the effective date of a recent final rule amending Regulation II (the implementing regulation for the Durbin Amendment).

Newsbytes ABA-opposed credit card routing bill again left out of spending measure

Retailer-backed legislation creating new credit card routing mandates was left out of a bipartisan omnibus spending bill after a sustained grassroots campaign by the American Bankers Association and state banking associations warned lawmakers about the risks community banks faced had the proposal become law.

Newsbytes Mississippi Bankers CEO pans Durbin expansion bill

A new legislative proposal giving merchants broad say over which credit card routing networks could drive up the cost of financial services, eliminate popular credit card rewards programs and introduce new security risks, Mississippi Bankers Association President and CEO Gordon Fellows wrote in a new op-ed last week

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