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ABA today called for more congressional oversight in light of recent efforts by federal and state agencies to create new bank charters or apply new interpretations to traditional charters that would allow entities to enjoy bank-like benefits while circumventing the rigorous regulatory framework that applies to traditional banks.

ABA Banking Journal

With Libor slated to sunset by the end of 2021, banks need to identify and mitigate their Libor transition risks. According to Fed leadership, “The firms we supervise should be aware of the intense supervisory focus we are placing on their transition and especially on their plans to end issuance of new contracts by year end.” Overall, the Libor transition is something bankers will want to have their arms firmly wrapped around sooner rather than later.


The federal banking agencies found increased credit risk in the Shared National Credit portfolio—a bundle of large, syndicated bank loans that includes 5,652 borrowers and totals $5.1 trillion—according to the SNC Review released today.


The American Bankers Association joined the Independent Community Bankers of America and the Credit Union National Association yesterday asked Acting Comptroller of the Currency Blake Paulson to withdraw an interpretive letter and the conditional approval for two recent trust charters, in accordance with a Jan. 20 White House memo calling for a regulatory freeze.

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