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Newsbytes ABA to FCC: Stop illegal texts, protect banks’ lawful texts

The American Banker Association recently led a group of trade groups in expressing support for the Federal Communication Commission’s proposal to require mobile wireless providers to block text messages that are that are from invalid, unallocated or unused numbers, or those on a Do-Not-Originate list.

Newsbytes ABA announces 2022 Brand Slam Award honorees

even banks were recognized for imaginative marketing by being named recipients of this year’s American Bankers Association Brand Slam Awards during the 2022 Bank Marketing Conference in Denver today.

Newsbytes CFPB: Digital marketers not exempt from Consumer Financial Protection Act

Digital marketers that provide targeted advertising for financial firms are subject to the Consumer Financial Services Protection Act and its prohibition on unfair, deceptive or abusive practices. Therefore, these marketers risk potential legal action if they run afoul of the act, according to an interpretive rule issued today by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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