Podcast: The bank policy outlook for 2024

From the Basel III endgame to Regulation II to new Community Reinvestment Act and Section 1071, 2023 has delivered a regulatory onslaught for the industry. How are bankers navigating the waves of overlapping changes? On this episode — sponsored by R&T Deposit Solutions — Gary Shook, chair of ABA’s Government Relations Council, reflects on the council’s recent meeting and offers perspectives on how banks can navigate the policy environment.

Shook also highlights areas where ABA is looking to press gains on its positive agenda, including the SAFER Banking Act, the ACRE Act and financial inclusion. And as president and CEO of Community Bankers’ Bank in Virginia, Shook discusses the role of bankers’ banks in today’s landscape, including helping the industry transition to new payment platforms like FedNow.

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This episode is sponsored by R&T Deposit Solutions.

In this episode:

Gary Shook
President and CEO
Community Bankers’ Bank