Podcast: Wealth management strategies for serving high-earning women

Forty-four percent of homes have female breadwinners, and women make up a large and growing share of high earners — but wealth management providers don’t always tailor their advice and services to this reality. On the latest episode of the ABA Banking Journal Podcast — sponsored by Apiture — Kathleen Burns Kingsbury tackles some misperceptions about women and wealth. In this episode, Kingsbury discusses:

  • The scope and scale of female breadwinners and high earners in today’s wealth marketplace.
  • How to address unconscious and implicit biases about women and wealth.
  • Strategies that wealth advisers can use to build productive relationships with high-earning women.
  • The kinds of questions that lead to productive conversations.
  • The role of values in women’s wealth decision-making, whether in philanthropy or in socially responsible investing.

Kingsbury will address this topic at ABA’s Annual Convention in Austin on Oct. 2-4. Register before Aug. 1 for early-bird savings.

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This episode is sponsored by Apiture.

In this episode:

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury
KBK Wealth Connection

Evan Sparks
ABA Banking Journal

Marlee Ribnick
Senior Writer
ABA Banking Journal