NACHA: ACH Transaction Volume, Value Grow in 2021

Electronic ACH payment transaction volume grew by 8.7% last year, reaching 29.1 billion transactions, according to a report today from NACHA, the electronic payments association. The total transaction value was $72.6 trillion in 2021, a 17.4% increase over the year prior. Last year was the seventh consecutive year volume grew by at least 1 billion payments, according to NACHA.

The association also reported increases in business-to-business payments, with transactions rising 20.4% to 5.3 billion from the year prior and valued at $50 trillion. Over the past two years, B2B payments were up 33.2%, NACHA said. Health care claim payments increased 17.9% to 426.3 million from 2020 and were valued at $2 trillion.

Same-day ACH payment volume increased 73.9% to 603.8 million, compared to 2020 and the value increased 105.1% to $943.7 billion.