TCH: RTP Network Reaches More than Half of DDAs in the US

The Clearing House announced today that financial institutions holding 70% of demand deposit accounts now have access to real-time payments capabilities through their technology providers that have connected to the RTP Network. The network currently reaches 56% of all demand deposit accounts in the U.S., TCH said.

Several technology providers have implemented streamlined processes to enable their clients to connect to the RTP network, including Jack Henry and Associates, FIS, Sherpa Technologies, PayFi, ACI, COCC and others. The network offers a flat pricing structure, does not include volume discounts or impose minimum volume requirements and does not charge an operator fee to receive payments.

“Through these technology providers, the RTP network is ready and available today for banks and credit unions of all sizes looking to provide real-time payment capabilities to customers,” said TCH EVP Russ Waterhouse. “Once a financial institution is ready to connect to the RTP network, there is very good chance, a 70% chance, that they have an already proven path through one of the many banking technology providers who have connected to the network partnered with TCH.”