CFPB Makes Changes to Consumer Complaint Database Functionality

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau today announced several technological enhancements to its public consumer complaint database. The changes allow users to view complaints over time to understand trends, refine visualizations based on user-selected criteria and aggregate complaints by various categories.

Earlier, the bureau made ABA-urged changes to the database to provide better context to unverified complaints in the database. For example, the database highlights consumers’ ability to contact their financial provider for answers before filing a report and more prominently displays disclosures making it clear that complaints are unverified and that the database is not a statistical sample of consumers’ marketplace experience.

In related news, the CFPB this week released an analysis of the 8,000 complaints it has received referencing the coronavirus pandemic. For example, the bureau found that in 55% of mortgage-related complaints, consumers identified struggles to pay a mortgage as the source of the complaint. Read the complaint bulletin. Access the database.