Bonus Podcast: A Big Day for Fintech Policy

July 31 was a big day in the fintech policy world. First, the Treasury Department released a long-awaited report with recommendations on enhancing the regulatory environment to promote financial innovation. Later that day, the OCC announced that it will begin accepting applications for special-purpose national bank charters, which would allow fintech companies to become non-depository banks.

To help make sense of it, ABA VP Rob Morgan joins for a bonus episode. Morgan discusses the highlights from the Treasury report, including a focus on updating regulatory guidance on emerging technologies, the use of “regulatory sandboxes” and providing more secure ways to access customer data. He also explores the implications of the OCC’s fintech charter, which the agency says will require recipients to fulfill financial inclusion requirements and will not blur the line between banking and commerce.

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In this episode:

Rob Morgan
ABA Vice President
Emerging Technologies

Evan Sparks
ABA Banking Journal

Shaun Kern
Senior Counsel
ABA Regulatory Policy