Enhancing Search for Bank Marketers

Video Interview with Andy Viana

If people can’t find you online, it’s well-nigh impossible to do business these days. That’s why we called on Google—the world’s foremost authority on web search—to break it all down for us at the 2017 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.

The intel we got was not technical mumbo-jumbo—nor was it advice on how to spend big bucks to gain a momentary edge over competitors.

Turns out, an effective web presence is about far more than paying $30 a click to show up whenever someone types in the word bank.

Instead, we learned how to think about the customer journey and apply those insights to a cohesive search strategy. Your goal: for people to enter the name of your bank directly into their web searches instead of just the word bank.

After his session, Google’s Andy Viana consented to having his brain picked by John Oxford of Renasant Bank and Josh Mabus of Mabus Agency for their podcast.

If you weren’t there, watch the podcast and get up to speed.

Andy’s interview was recorded at the recent ABA Bank Marketing Conference in New Orleans.