ABA/Morning Consult Poll: Majority of Consumers Support Regulatory Changes

By a margin of more than four to one, Americans agree that the House should pass S. 2155, the bipartisan Senate regulatory reform bill, according to results from a new ABA/Morning Consult poll released today during ABA’s Government Relations Summit.

The survey highlighted that consumers understand the important role banks play in the U.S. economy; 75 percent agreed that banks are an important catalyst for economic growth and job creation, and a similar percentage also agreed that nearly 10 years after the financial crisis, it’s time for Congress and the regulatory agencies to reassess financial industry rules and regulations.

It also found that consumers have an overwhelmingly positive view of their banks and the services they provide. Nearly nine in 10 consumers — 89 percent — rate their bank as good, very good or excellent, and more than 90 percent agreed that banks provide online and mobile banking platforms that are secure, convenient and easy to use. Eighty-six percent rate the security and fraud prevention measures banks provide as good, very good or excellent.


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