Nichols Greets Bankers in Video Message

Incoming ABA President and CEO Rob Nichols is spending a lot of time on the road meeting ABA members across the country, but to help him reach more bankers, ABA today shared a four-minute video of Nichols introducing himself to the industry. In the video, Nichols identifies his key priorities for ABA under a broad theme of industry unity. “It’s critical that all the banks work together,” he says. “There are greater threats to the banking sector than competition among banks of varying sizes.”

In the video, Nichols discusses the need for regulatory relief and a level playing field in financial services. “We need smart regulations so that our nation’s community banks, regional banks, mid-sized banks and large banks can help this economy grow and prosper and put us on a growth path that will put more Americans back to work,” he says.

Looking ahead, Nichols also emphasizes the need to navigate the technological innovations reshaping financial services and to make banking’s value proposition clear to millennials. “We need to work with the technology sector¬—or we need to leapfrog them.”