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Newsbytes ABA, BPI urge FDIC to rethink deposit insurance signage updates

An FDIC proposal to modernize its sign and advertising rules is welcome, but a less prescriptive approach would allow banks to more effectively communicate to customers which bank products are FDIC-insured and which are not, the ABA and the Bank Policy Institute said in a joint letter to the agency.

Retail and Marketing A New Way to Display ‘FDIC’

When you multiply all the custom requirements across a multitude of platforms and vendors supporting bank marketing, the investment to display one logo is dizzying. Can disclosures be centralized instead?

Retail and Marketing Market Your Bank by Getting Out on the Sidewalk

If you’re working to build your retail business, you have a lot in common with many companies in the malls and shopping centers. There’s more competition than ever from across the street and across the globe. The successful retailers are innovating, building their brands and creating special promotions that make lifelong, loyal customers.

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