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Mutual Banks

The Federal Reserve has released a long-awaited set of frequently asked questions regarding its approach with regard to OCC-regulated federal savings associations and federal mutual savings banks that choose to exercise the option to become a “covered savings association,” as allowed by Section 206 of the 2018 S. 2155 regulatory reform law.


Saule Omarova—President Biden’s nominee to serve as the next comptroller of the currency—today announced that she would withdraw her name from consideration after several Democratic senators signaled their opposition to her nomination.

Compliance and Risk

Banks can expect additional guidance from regulators over the next year clarifying the types of crypto-related activities they may be permitted to engage in, the agencies announced in a joint statement today. As a result of a recent “crypto sprint,” the FDIC, Federal Reserve and OCC unveiled a crypto-asset roadmap that will guide their work in 2022.


Testifying before the Senate Banking Committee today, Saule Omarova—President Biden’s nominee to serve as the next comptroller of the currency—faced tough questions from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle about her views on banking, including her opposition to the bipartisan S. 2155 regulatory reform law that was championed by the American Banking Association.

Community Banking

In prepared testimony submitted ahead of her nomination hearing tomorrow, Saule Omarova, President Biden’s nominee for comptroller of the currency, said her top priority if confirmed “will be to guarantee a fair and competitive market where small and mid-size banks that invest in their neighbors’ homes and small businesses can thrive, and where every community—regardless of wealth, geography, or history—has access to safe and affordable financial services.”

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