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Newsbytes FDIC: Deposit insurance fund on track for recovery

The Deposit Insurance Fund could be replenished as early as 2024 under a restoration plan adopted by the FDIC last year, although a special assessment is required to recover losses resulting from the recent bank closures, according to an agency report.

Newsbytes Fed proposing to make master accounts data public

The Federal Reserve will seek public comment on a proposal to publish a periodic list of depository institutions that have access to Fed accounts—often referred to as “master accounts”—and payment services, the agency announced today.

Newsbytes FDIC proposes changes to large, complex IDI assessments to address TDR elimination

In response to the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s recent elimination of accounting guidance for troubled debt restructurings for adopters of the current expected credit loss standard, the FDIC is proposing to update the scorecard it uses to calculate assessments for large and highly complex insured depository institutions to reflect the changes.

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