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Mutual Banks Making the Feeling Mutual

Consumers don’t know what sets mutual banks apart—but once they learn, they get more enthusiastic. Here’s how mutual bankers are selling mutuality.

Mutual Banks Calvin Coolidge, Bank President

For Presidents Day, the ABA Banking Journal presents this selection from its archive, a reflection on the service of then-President Calvin Coolidge at a Massachusetts savings bank.


As part of its ongoing actions to implement regulatory relief identified by the decennial Economic Growth and Regulatory Paperwork Reduction Act review, the OCC today proposed several rule changes and sought comments on prospective changes sought by ABA during the EGRPRA feedback process.

Mutual Banks

As the OCC’s long-awaited HOLA flexibility rule took effect this week, the agency issued several documents to help bankers understand the new rule and provide guidance to institutions wishing to elect to become “covered associations.”

Mutual Banks

The OCC today named four bank CEOs to its Mutual Savings Association Advisory Committee, which advises the OCC about mutual banks, assesses their current condition, and offers feedback on regulatory changes affecting mutuals’ health and viability.

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