FDIC launches campaign to promote deposit insurance

The FDIC today launched a consumer campaign to increase public awareness of deposit insurance, titled “Know Your Risk. Protect Your Money.”  The goal of the campaign is to reach people who have lower confidence in the banking system or who are unbanked, as well as those who use alternative banking services and financial products that may appear to be FDIC-insured but are not, according to the agency.

The campaign features a piggy bank placed in risky situations. It consists of digital display ads, search engine marketing and sponsored social media that connect consumers to deposit insurance information and resources on the FDIC website in English and Spanish. Financial institutions and other organizations are encouraged to use the campaign’s free social media toolkit along with the hashtag #IsYourMoneyInsured. The campaign will run through November and pick up again in January 2024 to coincide with the start of tax filing season.

“Evidence suggests many people may be confused whether their funds are protected by deposit insurance,” said FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg. “In light of concerns raised by the bank failures earlier this year, this is an important moment for the FDIC to reach out to the public and ensure that more consumers understand deposit insurance and how it protects their money.”