OCC supervisors to emphasize asset and liability management in 2024

Asset and liability management will be an area of focus in the coming year for Office of the Comptroller of the Currency supervisors, according to the agency’s bank supervision operating plan for fiscal year 2024, released today. The annual plan outlines the OCC’s supervision priorities and objectives for the year ahead. The list of supervisory priorities shifts from year to year, although many broader priorities have remained more or less the same, such as a focus on banks’ cybersecurity and anti-money laundering strategies. One new emphasis in 2024 will be asset and liability management, both of which played a role in the bank failures earlier this year.

“Reevaluation of the timing and amount of deposit outflow assumptions under both idiosyncratic and systemic liquidity stress scenario analyses may be warranted based on recent market disruptive events,” the document states. Other areas of focus for 2024 include credit risk, operations, distributed ledger technology-related activities, change management and climate-related financial risks.