Biden administration unveils cybersecurity strategy implementation plan

The Biden administration last week released a plan outlining how it will implement a national cybersecurity strategy that was announced earlier this year. The strategy is organized around five pillars: defending critical infrastructure; disrupting and dismantling threat actors; shaping market forces to drive security and resilience; investing in a resilient future; and forging international partnerships to pursue shared goals. The 57-page plan outlines which agencies will be responsible for completing the tasks outlined in the strategy over the next few years.

Among the strategy’s numerous goals are updating the National Cyber Incident Response Plan; identifying opportunities for harmonizing baseline cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructure; and carrying out disruption operations against the ransomware ecosystem.

The Treasury Department, which serves as the sector risk management agency for the banking and finance sector, and the Financial Services Sector Coordinating Council, of which ABA is a member, will be actively involved in many of the initiatives in the implementation plan.