Gallup: Public perception of business nears record low

Thirty-six percent of Americans had a positive view of the banking sector in Gallup’s latest annual survey of public attitudes about business, which also showed that public satisfaction with the 25 sectors tracked has hit its lowest level since the Great Recession. The survey, released today, found that positive attitudes toward banking dropped four percentage points since 2021. Still, other sectors took far greater hits, particularly groceries and real estate, which saw drops of 14 and nine percentage points, respectively. The average positive reading across all sectors was 36%, only two percentage points above the low of 34% set in 2008.

Gallup noted the declines coincide with Americans’ lower confidence in the nation’s institutions and the economy amid high inflation. Only eight sectors experienced an increase in positive perception, with retail seeing the largest uptick, rising from 42% last year to 47% this year.