Survey: Branch Employees Want Mobile Tools to Manage Schedules

Just over one in five banks in the developed world use a software solution to assist with task management and employee scheduling, according to the results of a recent survey. Zebra Technologies’ third annual International Branch Banking Employee Survey polled more than 1,300 bank branch employees in 10 advanced economies, including the United States.

One out of three respondents said current scheduling processes make them less satisfied, and 20% have considered quitting due to scheduling issues. Ninety-five percent would prefer a mobile app to manage schedules, shift changes and scheduling preferences—nearly a ten-point increase from 2021. Ninety-five percent said greater schedule flexibility and control would make them more likely to stay with their current employer. Only 38% reported being able to request shift swaps from their mobile devices.

The majority of branch banking field leaders reported spending between nine to 10 hours each week assisting with schedules, and 60% still rely on in-house or manual scheduling processes. Almost 85% said forecasts are only occasionally accurate to predict customer volume, and 55% do not have customer appointments fully integrated into their forecasts, which can result in longer wait times and unprepared staff.