U.S. Coin Task Force Urges Increased Circulation of Coins

As part of October’s Get Coin Moving Month, the U.S. Coin Task Force—of which the American Bankers Association is a member—is urging Americans to return their dormant coins into circulation. There is currently $46.8 billion in coins in circulation, according to the task force, but much of it is sitting unused in 128 million households.

“Returning coins into circulation by spending them, or depositing or exchanging them at banks or kiosks, will make a meaningful difference for the millions of American people and businesses that rely on coins to support cash transactions,” the task force said.

Resources to spur increased coin circulation are available on the task force’s website, GetCoinMoving.org and include best practices and recommendations for increasing coin circulation and decreasing barriers for handling coins in the supply chain, while maximizing equitable access to coins and emphasizing financial inclusion. The task force is also encouraging banks, retailers and others to raise awareness about the circulation issue by using the hashtag #getcoinmoving.