IRS Recommends Streamlining, Modernizing Improvements to Congress

The Internal Revenue Service has submitted a report to Congress—as required by the 2019 Taxpayer First Act—outlining a strategic plan to enhance taxpayer service and experience. The more-than 250-page report centers around three strategic goals, including enhancing the taxpayer experience, enhancing the IRS employee experience and improving operational efficiencies.

As part of its strategy to improve the taxpayer experience, the IRS said it would set near-term and long-term goals to expand digital services; guide taxpayers to resources and communications channels to resolve their issues; provide proactive outreach and education; reach underserved communities; create a community of partners including public, private and nonprofit entities; and develop a data management strategy that includes an agencywide understanding of the taxpayer experience, emerging needs and expectations and operational data.

The report also includes additional budget requests required to achieve the outlined detailed objectives. Congress must now review the report and contemplate further action.