Morning Consult Survey: Bank Customers Use Mobile Most to Manage Accounts

Bank customers now use mobile apps more than any other method to manage their bank accounts, according to a new ABA/Morning Consult survey. The survey found that for 36% of bank customers, apps or other mobile devices were the top options for managing their bank account before the COVID-19 pandemic, and since then, app use has risen to 39%.

More than half of Generation Z and millennials used mobile apps most often to bank during the pandemic, compared to 41% of Generation X respondents, the survey found. Mobile apps were less popular with baby boomers, with only 24% reporting that they used them during the pandemic.

The second most common method of banking post-pandemic was online, with 32% of all customers managing their accounts using a laptop or PC. Meanwhile, bank branch visits were the most common banking method for 10% of bank customers since the pandemic, ATM use was the preferred method for 7%, the telephone was most common for 6% and mail use was preferred by 3% of customers.