A Bank Marketer Creates a Personal Brand

Podcast Interview with Natalie Bartholemew

WIhen you apply the principles of impeccable branding to your bank, the result is a solid foundation for your marketing. But what happens when you apply them to your career? It’s called personal branding. And if you’re not sure what that means, you should meet Natalie Bartholemew, chief administrative officer and CMO at Grand Savings Bank in Bentonville, Ark.—and the woman behind The Girl Banker, a career support site for women in banking.

After her panel discussion on digital marketing at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore, Natalie sat down with ABA SVP Shelly Loftin to talk about the ins and outs of personal branding in the banking industry. First and foremost, Natalie said, her priority is serving her bank. So the writing, networking and community-building she does as the Girl Banker takes place on nights and weekends.

Her reason for doing it? “People bank with people,” she said. And having a digital presence, along with a community to go with it, makes it possible to build and maintain those personal connections. Also, it’s important to remember that community bankers have a lot to offer when it comes to helping each other elevate their work, their banks, their industry and the communities they serve.

To hear more—and to find out Natalie’s three tips for building a personal brand of you own—tune in to Shelly and Natalie’s podcast interview.

If you can’t see the audio player above, click here to listen to Shelly Loftin’s interview with Natalie Bartholemew.

The interview was recorded at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore.