Dogs, Debit Cards and Deposits

Podcast Interview with John Hanley

Newsflash: If you tally up all the people who love their pets, add the folks who appreciate a good cup of coffee—plus people who care about local causes—you’re likely to wind up with a substantial population.

Now, if you can take that simple observation and turn it into a successful checking account/debit card affinity program—congratulations. You’re one of the lucky marketers who’ve found the holy grail of bank marketing: a way to create an emotional connection between the customer and a bank product.

Meet John Hanley, SVP and senior marketing director at Equity Bank, the “Official Bank of Pets” and the “Official Bank of Coffee.” ABA SVP Shelly Loftin met up with him at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore to find out how his bank parlayed the public’s affection for pets and coffee into a lucrative campaign and increased branch traffic.

“One of the cool things at Equity with our debit cards is we block any and all ATM fees,” John says. That’s great for keeping customers, they’ve found, but it doesn’t work so well for attracting them in the first place. Offering an affinity debit card, on the other hand, has made a huge difference.

Listen in to Shelly and John’s interview to learn how Equity’s marketing department engaged the community, the bank’s executive board and even its branch managers with pets and coffee.

If you can’t see the audio player above, click here to listen to Shelly Loftin’s interview with John Hanley.

The interview was recorded at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore.