You Must Protect This Bank Brand

Podcast Interview with Steve Battista

Picture yourself marketing an innovative product that serves a broad-based need—but has nothing that prevents it from being copied—and undercut—by your competitors.

How would you ensure customer loyalty to your brand? It’s a question faced by many bank marketers.

That’s what Steve Battista—the creative force behind Under Armour’s now-legendary “Protect This House” campaign—addressed during the ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Under Armour’s hometown of Baltimore. After his keynote, he met up with Renasant Bank’s Chukwukere Ekeh to talk more about how to build a campaign that stands out in a crowded marketplace.

“We didn’t have a patent for that fabric,” Steve points out. There was no way to prevent other companies from making a product that was nearly identical. “But we had a brand, and we stayed true to that.”

To learn more about building brand relationships, avoiding distraction by your competition and motivating customers to choose you, listen in on Chukwukere and Steve’s interview.

If you can’t see the audio player above, click here to listen to Chukwukere Ekeh’s interview with Steve Battista.

The interview was recorded at the 2018 ABA Bank Marketing Conference in Baltimore.